Affilate Marketing FAQs | Essential Information from Advidi

Affilate Marketing FAQs | Essential Information from Advidi

In order to help both newcomers and the "simply curious" to better understand affiliate marketing, we have created the Advidi FAQ. You'll find all the essential information here - by the time you're done, you should have a complete overview of the industry.

The most common way of generating traffic is via media buying. The most common way of doing this is through a traffic network. These networks are similar to affiliate networks, but instead of matching advertisers/products to affiliates, traffic networks match affiliates to the traffic they need.
There are many components to media buying, but the bottom line is that it’s a numbers game (although some critical thinking, creativity and even people skills are required to maximize ROI).

To get traffic from a traffic network, affiliates make a “bid” on the traffic. There are multiple ways to bid on traffic: CPC (“Cost Per Click” - also called PPC or “Pay Per Click”) is a model in which affiliates pay for every click their advertisements get. On the other hand, CPM (“Cost Per Mille”) does not charge when an advertisement is clicked, but instead charges a flat rate for every 1,000 views (“impressions”) the advertisement gets.
Finally, Direct Buys are when an affiliate buys advertising space on a website for a fixed amount of time - for example, the affiliate can buy a banner ad placement for one month for a fixed price per day on a particular website that they know will generate users who are interested in the type of products they promote.

Traffic quality is perhaps the most important aspect of affiliate marketing. Mastering pricing models, placements, bidding and traffic generation will determine the difference between success and failure (better defined as “not successful yet”). Good media buyers will make a profit on their investments. Beginners will often come away with a loss - but they’ll get data out of the deal, which they can leverage into higher future profits.

There are a lot of players in the affiliate marketing network space, but few who have stood the test of time (and, especially, hard times). We believe our track record and testimonials prove that we are among the special few who are structured to remain for a long time.

Advidi offers:

Excellent 24/7 support. Our people are most important to us, and when you join Advidi, you become one of them. Your bottom line is our bottom line.
Stability. We mean it when we say “people first, then profits” - our focus on long-term partnerships rather than quick profits is the reason we have not only lasted, but thrived in our market. We vet advertisers carefully and closely watch traffic quality to satisfy all parties. We won’t disappear overnight!
Original, innovative tools. These include our banner campaign tool, unique GEO optimization and more (some of which are super-secret; we’ll tell you when you join!). Our ability to provide “direct to merchant” offers will enhance the probability of success in your campaigns.

Financial safety. We always pay our affiliates, even pre-paying those with whom we’ve established long relationships with. We don’t trust blindly, but when we do develop trust, it benefits both of us equally. We’re a registered Dutch company, which means we are easily found and can be held liable for all of our actions.
Competitive payouts and exclusives. We’re not just a people network. We also have a giant database of constantly rotating offers, along with numerous exclusive partnerships. We’re one of the biggest names in Dating across the globe, and we are growing rapidly in our other verticals.
Fun ways to get involved. We’re serious about making money, but what’s it all for if you don’t stop to enjoy it? With frequent contests, an open invitation to all of our affiliates to visit our office, regular industry content, friendly employees in all departments and other surprises, we try to offer more than just the numbers to our partners.

An affiliate is a person or business that places advertisements, creates web properties or otherwise promotes products (based on offers) supplied by advertisers. An affiliate can be described as a third party that promotes someone else’s products.

These days, affiliates are almost entirely based online due to the reliability of tracking sales and widespread availability of products to promote. With the help of media buying, websites or social media, affiliates generate traffic to the webpage where the online product is sold.

These metrics are essential to effective media buying, a common way for affiliates to generate traffic. Media buyers often make use of traffic networks that allow them to bid on advertising placements across the web. These bids determine the costs that are paid for certain actions. CPC and CPM are metrics that indicate the cost of such placements.

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. As soon as the advertisement is clicked on, the network will be paid. The cost will depend on a number of factors:

- The bid offered by the affiliate
- The relevancy of the advertisement
- How often the advertisement is clicked

CPM stands for Cost Per Mille. For every 1,000 times an advertisement is displayed to a visitor, the network will be paid the CPM cost by the affiliate. This price changes depending on bids and does not take into account how many clicks the advertisement receives.

Note that not all traffic networks are the same. Each traffic network sells traffic differently. When you join Advidi as an affiliate, you should already have some understanding of how to use traffic; however, your affiliate manager may be able to introduce you to traffic networks that can boost the effectiveness of your campaigns (leading to much higher profits).

Some campaigns are better suited for CPC or CPM. Some affiliates prefer to use one metric over the other. There are benefits to both. Typically, CPC is the preferred metric, as it is easier to directly tie ROI and gather effective data from. The affiliate also has greater influence over the cost; the better the banner/advertisement (“creative”) is, the cheaper the cost will become.

Yes, we do! Our focus is on affiliate marketing shows like Affiliate World Conferences, Affiliate Summit East/West and various niche-focused events worldwide. We also attend vertical-specific shows on a regular basis, such as Webmaster Access, Mobile World Congress, SiGMA and more. In 2016, we attended 12 shows. In 2017, we’ll attend 18.
Check out our Events page to see where we’re going next and meet us there!

Expertise, technical knowledge, extensive network of affiliates and media buyers, great service, friendly account managers, short payment cycles, exclusive advertising offers, high payouts.

Affiliates (also called “publishers”) are specialized in generating traffic to certain types of offers. Affiliates are always looking for the best offers for their traffic sources. There are multiple affiliate networks just like Advidi that try to pitch the best offers to affiliates. It’s up to the affiliate to make this offer profitable, which means they will select offers based not only on payouts, but also how relevant the offer is to the audience their traffic generates. There are various ways to generate traffic and therefore get sales or leads (“conversions”) on an offer.

An advertiser is a person or business that wants to begin promoting (or scale the promotion of) their product. Advertisers contact affiliate networks to discuss their product and the offer they wish to promote. It is then the affiliate network’s job to find the right affiliates in their network to promote the offer.

Advidi has a large base of affiliates specialized in promoting Dating, Health & Beauty, iGaming and Mainstream products and offers, so advertisers with related products approach us because they know that their investment will be utilized by affiliates who specialize in their particular vertical/niche. This improves traffic quality for the advertiser, increases commissions for the affiliate and matches customers to products they want.

An affiliate network can be seen as a mediator between advertisers and affiliates (you can think of it like a "bank" for offers and payments - more on that later). Advertisers create and distribute “offers” that are focused on a particular product. The advertiser communicates their offer to account managers at the affiliate network, along with restrictions and requirements that ensure high-quality customers based on their product. Account managers at the network will then identify the affiliates who are best suited to promote the offer.

Affiliate networks often specialize in “vertical markets” to improve the quality of the leads and sales they generate. Some span a broad range, which allows them to accept more affiliates, but also risks limiting their effectiveness. Determining quality is an important aspect of what an affiliate network does, and the more specialized the network is, the better chance they have of providing precise solutions for advertisers.

Here at Advidi, we specialize in four verticals: Dating, iGaming, Health & Beauty and Mainstream. Our account managers manage relationships with advertisers and affiliates via 24/7 support. As an online business, affiliate networks are never truly off the clock. The support provided and capacity to connect the right offers to the right affiliates are key factors to making an affiliate network successful.

As an advertiser, it's common to integrate with us on a server-to-server level using a postback URL to help us track the registered sales and/or conversions. We present our affiliates with the option to pass an additional parameter back to you that defines a specific source of traffic or banner placement. With this additional SubID in place, you will be able to give specific feedback on these separate sources.

Your Business Development Manager is here for you 24/7. He or she will monitor your campaign’s success and provide insights to optimize conversions, sustain quality traffic, increase your sales and improve lead quality.

No, there are no costs to become an advertiser at Advidi. Advertisers only pay for sales or leads that are generated by our affiliates.

An invoice will be sent from our finance department to the email address that we have on file for you. You are requested to pay that amount to the bank account stated on the invoice. The NET payment time frame depends on the payment terms discussed with your Business Development Manager.

You can get in contact with your account/affiliate manager or send an email to our finance department: payments@

We check our new signups daily. You should receive a response within 24 hours.

Different types of media have different costs and also perform differently. Let’s take two different media types: display banner advertising vs. pop-unders. The first is a regular banner placement that generates traffic by appearing in high-volume places around the web with enticing reasons for potential customers to click.
On the other hand, pop-unders open automatically after someone visits or closes a specific site. Every time the pop-under opens, a click is registered. The frequency that this happens is much higher than the previously mentioned clicks on display.

As such, you will pay varying prices for varying types of media, and some will be more suitable for one campaign over another. Experimenting with different types of media can positively affect EPC with substantial testing.

The internet market is a global market, so naturally, we operate globally. Currently our strongest markets are the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Germany, France, The Netherlands and Belgium. Next to that, we have strong reach in tier 2 countries, such as Spain, Italy, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and South Africa.

Your affiliate manager's role is very diverse, but their most important task is to provide you with the support you need to achieve the best campaigns and investment returns as possible. They are a valuable source of market knowledge; they can negotiate higher payouts or caps; they will update you pro-actively on any new or hot offers; along with keeping you connected to what’s happening in the network and the industry.

Our affiliates managers are extremely dedicated to investing in a long-term business relationship. The primary goal of our affiliate managers is to ensure that you thrive and become more successful than you were before joining our network.

Payouts are important, and logic would suggest that you want to have the highest payout possible - but that’s not always the case. Even more important than the payout amount is the overall performance of the campaign. Performance is best measured by “EPC” (earnings per click). This metric tells you exactly how much you have earned for each click you’ve sent to an offer. The higher the EPC, the better. You’ll find the EPC in your affiliate dashboard (reports).

When you register as an affiliate, you can opt in to our newsletter. By doing this, you will be updated weekly on the best performing offers and new offer launches. In addition, you may log into your affiliate account with us and check the news section of your dashboard.

The first thing to do is to contact your affiliate manager and discuss the issue. The next steps would be to check if your postback or pixel implementation is functioning properly. Also ask yourself the following questions: Am I tracking unique clicks or a total amount of clicks? Is there a time delay I need to take into account? Are both tracking platforms reporting in the same time zones? If you've answered these questions and still don't have an answer, your Advidi representative can help you find a quick solution.

Wire, Paxum, Payoneer and Paypal.

Weekly net 9 means that you’ll get paid 9 days later. For example, if you earn $1000 in the period between 1 and 6 January, you’ll get your money on 15 January (9 days after the end of the period).

The weekly threshold is $1000 in revenue.

The payment terms are weekly net 9, or monthly net 9. Moreover, we have the option to upgrade the payment terms to weekly net 4 based on arrangements for those operating with high volumes.

Reach out to your affiliate manager via Skype or email. Not sure who your affiliate manager is? Just log into your account in CAKE and check the lower-left corner. Your affiliate manager’s contact details will be shown there.

To ensure that our weekly newsletter does not end up in your Spam folder, add these email addresses in your contact list (whitelist): info@; dating@; nutra@; mobile@; casino@


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