Publishers' Choice of Network or Platform

Publishers’ Choice of Network or Platform

Thanks to votes from publishers around the world, Advidi got nominated for this year’s European Performance Marketing Awards. The nomination has even bigger value for us, since it comes directly from publishers who voted for their choice of network or platform. Thus, Advidi is shortlisted as a Publishers’ Choice of Network or Platform (Netherlands).


After 10 successful years of rewarding innovation and excellence at the UK Performance Marketing Awards, PerformanceIN, the leading global performance marketing publisher, is handing the inaugural European Performance Marketing awards. The debut will be held on July 4 at Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam.


With the category Publishers’ Choice of Network or Platform, the European Performance Marketing Awards will be looking to reward an outstanding affiliate network, CPA network or platform that excels in performance marketing. The company will act as the dedicated gateway for publishers to drive significant revenue for their advertisers, thus enabling the monetisation of their business. The winner in this category will be chosen after two rounds of voting: open nominations, conducted via secured registration, and a second round of polling from a shortlist.


Advidi already won a nomination in the first round. The category was open for publishers’ vote, who use performance marketing to monetise their sites, to choose their favorite network and nominate it for this award. We are more than thrilled to be shortlisted by the publishers.


With 25 categories to choose from, the European Performance Marketing Awards has a prize for networks, agencies, publishers, advertisers and tech providers alike. The voting starts today and it will be available through their website. The voting closes June 6 2016.


Vote for Advidi


Now everything is in your hands. If you agree that Advidi deserves to win this award, click here, and give your vote for us today. This recognition will be a proof of all our hard work over the last few years, along with our effort to bring the best quality service in the affiliate marketing industry. On behalf of our Advidi family, thank you.

European Performance Award

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