Meet the Adverthaising Warriors

Meet the Adverthaising Warriors

In a few short weeks, our Adverthaising Warriors will be back in Bangkok for Affiliate World Asia 2016. If you’ll be there as well, we invite you to visit us at Booth B57.

The Adverthaising warriors:

Ivo Nota


Skype: ivo_notaIvo Advidi

Role: VP of Affiliate Management

Verticals: All (Dating, Mainstream, Health & Beauty, iGaming)


As our VP of Affiliate Management, Ivo is highly regarded for his ability to bridge gaps between affiliates and the resources they require to excel. He was our first affiliate manager and brings years of hands-on experience to play when crafting solutions; in his current role, he has the opportunity to apply this knack for problem-solving to the benefit of his entire team.


Whether part of our network or not, Ivo looks forward to connecting with similarly driven players in the industry. His knowledge covers all aspects of performance marketing, including essential resources (such as banking services) and technical elements (such as server administration). Talk to him about the future of affiliate marketing and how Advidi plans to accommodate.




Mark Nolte


Skype: advidi.businessdev

Role: VP of Business Development

Verticals: All (Dating, Mainstream, Health & Beauty, iGaming)


Mark AdvidiMark is our VP of Business Development, making him a great person to talk to about new opportunities for growth – an area he obviously has experience in. He’s always looking to forge valuable, long-term relationships with new partners. Ask him about how we leverage our network’s diversified experience and reach to expand your business.


Along with his dedication to performance and expansion within the industry, Mark stands out for his cheerful social presence. He is our de facto poster boy due to his recognizable appearance (we call him “The Viking”) and enjoys meeting like-minded people regardless of whether or not they’re a part of our network.






Michael Hijlkema

Email: mikey@advidi.comMikey Advidi

Skype: michael.advidi

Role: Affiliate Manager

Verticals: All (Dating, Mainstream, Health & Beauty, iGaming)


Mikey is one of our longest-running affiliate managers; he’s looking forward to his third anniversary this coming January and isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. His passion for the work he does and the people he works with – both colleagues in the office and affiliates abroad – is hard to miss in even a brief interaction.


His extensive experience as an affiliate manager is just one reason to strike up a conversation. He’s also our resident musician and comedian, carrying around an infectious enthusiasm that brings joy to everyone whose path he crosses. Check in with him during the conference for a laugh and some valuable wisdom.





Stefan Winter


Skype: stefan.advidi

Role: Affiliate Manager

Verticals: Health & Beauty (primary), Dating, Mainstream, iGaming


Stefan AdvidiDedicated, hard-working and highly knowledgeable, Stefan stops at nothing to ensure the success of his affiliates. He recognizes the importance of being available when he’s needed most – an approach that’s earned him a reputation for reliability. His affiliates appreciate this and trust him to find answers and solutions at the drop of a hat.


His tireless work ethic extends beyond support, though. He’s constantly seeking the latest insight to better his own ability to predict trends and capitalize on them. As a dedicated team player, he’s highly respected for his role in strengthening the core of Advidi’s knowledge base. Ask him about running solid campaigns or 40k marathons – he does both.






Jasper Metten

Email: jasper@advidi.comJasper Advidi

Skype: advidi.jasper

Role: Affiliate Manager

Verticals: Mainstream (primary), Health & Beauty, iGaming, Dating


When it comes to protecting his affiliates’ interests, few are more dedicated than Jasper. He takes his role as “revenue guardian” seriously, always willing and eager to dig deep into situations to get the highest compensation possible. His affiliates appreciate his loyalty and strong focus on promoting their business unconditionally.


Along with this hard work comes the need for balance, which Jasper takes just as seriously. There are few things he enjoys more than celebrating a big win – whether it’s dinner in the center of Amsterdam or a rooftop party in Bangkok, he jumps on every opportunity he gets to meet face-to-face with affiliates and recognize the finer aspects of their partnership.





Hardy Hekelaar


Skype: affiliate9.advidi

Role: Affiliate Manager

Verticals: Dating, Mainstream, iGaming, Health & Beauty


Hardy puts work-Hardy Advidilife balance at the top of his priority list, and sometimes one bleeds into the other – he’s an experienced kickboxer who blends his commitment to the art with a diligent advocacy for his affiliates’ interests. He sets personal goals and strives to be the best at what he does in every situation.


When you work with Hardy, you’ll quickly discover his enthusiasm for quality. Whether he’s working all weekend or simply choosing the finer option, he’s proud of his accomplishments. It’s a major asset that his affiliates appreciate – he won’t give up easily, especially when he knows the situation deserves his full attention.




Avoid losing our Adverthaising Warriors among the crowd in a back-alley Tuk-Tuk chase by scheduling a private meeting – and if you haven’t already, be sure to check out our guide to the conference and find out how you can win a free flight.


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