Can you believe we’re already a quarter of the way through Kings of Advidi 2023? How are you all feeling? Energized? Exhausted? In need of a boost, perhaps? 

Well then, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re providing you with all the intel on boosters and serving up some extra tips and tricks that will help take you from zero to hero and be crowned king (or queen) of Advidi 2023.

Let’s Start With Boosters.

The aim of Kings of Advidi is to celebrate the creativity and strategic prowess of affiliates. It’s not about having the deepest pockets or the most experience, instead, it’s about thinking beyond the limits of what is possible and finding new ways to do things. To help with this, every year, we provide boosters. These are available to every competitor, at different stages throughout the competition and come with a range of different benefits. Think of them as Mario’s red and white mushrooms - they exist to help you in your quest for the crown!

# Booster One: King of Diamonds
We love a personal challenge and that’s exactly what this booster is all about. We look back over the last three years to find your most profitable month and challenge you to outperform it during the competition. For those of you who do, then we reward you with 30% worth of bonus points.

# Booster Two: Queen of Clubs
You can’t beat a bit of friendly competition. Why not make Kings of Advidi personal and refer a friend or two? Not only is it a kind thing to do, but it’s also a super savvy move. If your referrals earn at least $1K in revenue then you'll get 30% of their points. Win-win, right?

# Booster Three: Jack of Hearts
The Jack of Hearts is all about sharing the love. Every second Friday throughout the competition, we’ll be sending an email containing special offers. By sending traffic to those offers, you’ll earn double points. All you have to do is check your email account and get that traffic moving. Offers are active for 14 days only, so make the most of it.  

# Booster Four: Ace of Spades
Do you know that feeling when you beat your personal best? Yeah, well this is like that. Kings of Advidi is based on four cycles of two weeks. Every two weeks, we check your progress and if your revenue is higher than your previous two-week cycle then we’ll increase by 10%. If you increase your revenue every two weeks then that's a 40% increase in your points!

The beauty of boosters is that they can completely revolutionize your game. If you’re new to affiliate marketing or not yet hitting the revue of the bigger players, then boosters used wisely can give you a competitive advantage. Everyone loves an underdog, so rise to the challenge, take on the big guys and win. We’re rooting for you.

Learn From The Best 

Boosters play a big part in the winner's story, but we also know playing strategically throughout the game is what leads the kings to glory. Keeping an eye on the competition, being inspired by others and looking back at what’s worked in the past, gives you a stronger advantage.

It’s Not Too Late

So, you’re armed with everything you need to win this thing and yet your still not playing! Don’t you think it's time you signed up? Get on it! Start playing today, follow all the advice we’ve given you and then we’ll catch up in Amsterdam and drink to your crown!



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