Bangkok has us now!

Bangkok has us now!

Bangkok has us now

It’s happening! Bangkok is going to get a hold on the Advidi crew. It will be the first time that we are heading to the east parts of the world. For me personally, Bangkok is the most awesome city in the world; the chaos of electrical thick, black, electrical wires shaping the public streets, the tiny local places with delicious foods and the famous colored taxis and tuktuk’s. You can go either way in Bangkok. You can go fancy in one of the various rooftop bars or sing a horrible version of careless whisper in a local karaoke bar and that’s what I love about this city. One tip I would like to give to anyone – ever going to Bangkok is that you have to do a Co van Kessel tour. This fellow Dutch guy used to live in Bangkok for decades. He created a (typically Dutch) bike tour through the narrow streets of Bangkok and brings you to the non-touristic suburbs, finishing it off with the must epic lunch I have ever tasted.
I’ve done this tour already but I’m going to do it once more to show my colleagues, who haven’t been to BKK before, how awesome it is.

Anyways, why are we going to set ourselves loose in the crazy capital of Thailand? Imagine 2000 of the most successful affiliates gathered at one venue for 3 consecutive days. That’s affiliate world Asia. We are fortunate to be one of the networks that are present at this unique event. It will be good to get in contact with the key industry players and show them that Advidi has grown a lot in multiple verticals and even more so, show them that we are the best guys to party with in a crazy city like Bangkok!

Oh yeah! Last thing. We will have a table during the meet market on the 7th of December, feel free to come andchat whit us. If you are lucky you can play around with a gimmick that’s going to change the affiliate marketing in the upcoming years!

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