Advidi Volunteers at 2017 King’s Games

Advidi Volunteers at 2017 King’s Games

What do you get when you cross 1,000 kids from 9 schools with 15 sport fields and 1 gigantic bouncy castle?


A lot of (chaotic) fun… and the 2017 King’s Games (“Koningsspelen” in Dutch)!


We sent 7 volunteers to represent Advidi at this annual event, which takes place in various places around the country. For our part, we attended the event at Sporthal Blauw Wit, which saw children between 8 and 12 years old arrive from 9 different schools in the Amsterdam area. It was packed with games, activities, sports competitions, a healthy breakfast and a LOT of orange.


Our team included 7 volunteers:


  • Paul
  • Melody
  • Edit
  • Dani
  • Ben
  • Nikki
  • Erwann


Each was assigned to a station, where they facilitated activities and encouraged cooperation among the children.

Paul advidi playing basketball

A tradition of fun and good health

The King’s Games are all about promoting physical exercise, a healthy start to the day and a positive attitude towards friendly competition. This is the 5th edition, with the first being launched in 2013 by the King of the Netherlands, Willem-Alexander – a noted sports enthusiast himself.


The games are played every year at the same time – about a week from King’s Day (“Koningsdag”), the King’s birthday and the most widely celebrated national Dutch holiday.


This year’s event included:


  • Freerun
  • Crossfit
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Gymnastics
  • Dancing
  • Fitness
  • Bouncy Castles
  • “The Sweeper” (a giant foam arm that swings around and knocks you over)


You can find additional photos and resources about the event by checking the hashtag #koningsspelen or the official website.

Nikki advidi playing hockey

Supporting the community that supports us

Advidi and Amsterdam are closely linked. We are inspired by what it represents: stability, tradition, respect and trust. Our partners come to visit us and we feel proud to share our city with them.


That makes us especially proud to contribute company resources to events like these. We’ve already developed a great relationship with the Amsterdam Municipality, which means this is only the first of many future events.


As a “people-first” company, we figure the best way to give back is to support the people that continue to make this city what it is. And honestly… what’s more fun than warding off a thousand children attempting to invade a bouncy castle?!

Daniel Advidi helping a kid Edit, Daniel and Ben Advidi Ben Advidi


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