Payment solutions

Annually we transfer millions of dollars to over 5000 affiliates globally. We do this using several payment methods that are trustworthy and reliable.

We know that you and your business have value. It makes sense that you get paid for the quality you bring – every time, quickly.

There are plenty of payment solutions provided in the performance marketing industry, each having their pros and cons. So it can be difficult to choose the best payment system to suit your business. 

So, what payment methods do we offer?


Wire Transfer

(USD and EURO)

Wire transfers, in our mind, is one of the most popular payment methods used all over the world. 

The fees may be a little higher than other methods on the market, but it is an immediate, reliable, and safe way to receive your earnings.

This is typically the preferred payment method by the majority of our European and US affiliates. 




Payoneer connects more than 200 countries and territories through their cross-border payments platform. 

It is a simple app to use, and one of the most reliable payment methods. 

Our AMs find that a lot of their affiliates based in Asia Pacific use Payoneer, however it is available worldwide. 



(USD and EURO)

Paxum is an e-wallet payment method. Based in Canada, the tool is used worldwide, meeting the demand of Affiliate Programs, especially affiliates focusing on the Dating vertical. 

Paxum has plenty of options for uploading and withdrawing your money through the system, our AMs find our affiliates based in the CIS region use this method, but again is available in all GEOs.

Paxum also offers easy registration to users and account verification is quick, however, our team voted Payoneer as the quickest method. 




Over 40 million people from all over the world have joined the WebMoney system, so they must be doing something right, hey. 

For us, it is one of the most popular payment platforms for our affiliates based in the CIS region. 

Along with the instant transfers, the registration and identification processes are simple.


Some of these platforms were specifically designed for the affiliate marketing industry, and we choose to use these trusted platforms to make sure our affiliates always have funds for traffic.

We know the importance of cash flow so we pride ourselves on ensuring optimal risk management and positive cash flow to all our partners. If you want to know more about the payment methods we provide, reach out to your affiliate manager, or contact us here.


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