Although we couldn’t physically sit down with Matthew Martorano, CEO and Founder of Konnektive, we managed to connect.

As the industry’s #1 customer relationship management or order management system for affiliate and ecommerce marketing companies, Matthew shared with us the changes they are seeing in the market and how they stand out from the rest.


Matthew, what was the vision behind the company?

Konnektive was originally built in 2001 to support a subscription-based product company. When that company sold in 2008, there was a demand for the CRM from affiliate marketers, and Konnektive was born.

The vision was to provide product marketing companies with a centralized platform that automated every aspect of their business, while increasing sales conversion rates and maximizing rebill approval rates while giving them full visibility into their data to make the best decision as to how they can best scale their company revenue. We are always intent on being the fastest, most stable, and drive more sales than any other platform out there.


The market is continuously changing, how have you in the past and how do you now plan for the future? 

Our goal is always to improve our client’s ability to operate and run their businesses. So naturally, we listen to our clients to understand their needs.  

In addition to this, we maintain relationships with the banks who issue merchant accounts to the various industries that we service, and we listen to their feedback on a daily basis as well as tracking market and product trends.


How does Konnektive stand out from your competitors in the market?

As I previously mentioned, we are intent on improving our client’s ability to operate and run their businesses. We are not in the business of nickel and diming our clients as our competitors are. Our goals have always been servicing our clients, and we do so by maintaining relationships with them, and building the best technology to help them build, grow and scale their companies.


What is trending in your industry right now?

We are seeing a number of trends in the industry right now, and those that are really standing out to use are former trial advertisers moving into straight sale offers and that more of our clients are starting CBD product lines and offers.

What is also interesting is the increase of ecommerce stores adopting affiliate marketing techniques and applying them to traditional products, such as t-shirts and other apparel, survival gear, gadgets, as well as dropship items.

The opportunities for online product sales have never been better than it is right now.


Why/how is partnering with Advidi beneficial for your clients?

Advidi is the premier Affiliate Network in our industry, providing the absolute best traffic to our clients for a variety of product verticals. In terms of quality traffic; such as sales that equate to high customer retention and customer lifetime value, Advidi’s approach to traffic and client support are unparalleled. 

We believe Advidi upholds the same high standards and business philosophy as we do; delivering best in class services to our clients and help them to scale their businesses and succeed. Both of our companies’ collective services combined does just that… it sets the stage for our mutual clients up to achieve the greatest probability for success.


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Matthew Martorano, CEO and Founder of Konnektive.


About Konnektive 

Konnektive has earned the title as the industry’s #1 customer relationship management or order management system for affiliate and ecommerce marketing companies designed to help marketers dominate. Our combination of advanced technology including the best subscription management system in existence, the most talented team members, and our superior service excellence provides our client with the only solution for their business.


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