Concrete jungle where dreams are made of

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of



There’s nothing you can’t do in New York! Our business industry is all about limitless opportunities and big dreams. So, there couldn’t be any better place to host such an important event as the Affiliate Summit East, don’t you agree?


If you make it there, you can make it anywhere

This meetup could be the place where everything starts. During the day of the meet market we’ll be at Table 123. Join us to discuss about new offers, trends and opportunities that can help you “make it anywhere” in the future. Our focus is in Mobile Content, Adult Content, LeadGen, Credit Card Submits, Sweepstakes, Utilities, Surveys, Freebies, Diet, Skin, Muscle, Hair, Brain, Male Enhancement, Adult Dating and Mainstream Dating. Whether you are already active in any of these verticals and sub verticals or not, come over to meet us or book a private meeting.


Big lights will inspire you

In the city that never sleeps, nights are good for talking business. The Dream DownTown Hotel, where we’ll be staying, has got one of the best rooftop bars of the city. The PH – D haute – couture lounge bar offers spectacular views, and great beats for a night out. If you like catching up in luxurious lounge bars, join us for a cocktail.

Central Park, New York


There’s no place in the world that could compare…

…But if there were, Affiliate summit West in Las Vegas would be a fair choice. We’d been there this winter and we had an amazing time. We expect the same from Affiliate Summit East. Check our videos made in Vegas at the beginning of this year.



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