7 Best AI Tools to Optimise Affiliate Campaigns in 2023

7 Best AI Tools to Optimise Affiliate Campaigns in 2023


Every day there seems to be a new development in what AI can do, from predicting the future and writing poetry to identifying diseases, it looks like AI advancement will continue to dominate the tech industry (and news cycle) for the foreseeable future. But what does that mean for affiliate marketing?

Well, we deep dived into what other AI tools affiliates can easily integrate into their work lives.  Tools to help with creatives, copywriting, automation, and data analyses, we’ve sifted through the internet to come up with the 7 best AI tools you should be using to optimise your campaigns.

In this blog we look at:

In our last blog post, we looked at how marketers could utilise ChatGPT to streamline and optimise their campaigns. We specifically requested ChatGPT to write a blog post focusing on how affiliates and advertisers can effectively utilise it in their daily work. The result was impressive, despite needing a few minor tweaks, the blog was almost ready to go, reducing this copywriter’s writing time by more than 50% (win!). If you haven’t checked it out, you can find the complete blog post here.



But which AI tools are right for me?

When picking an AI tool for your business, remember to think about what you need and want to achieve. Take a second to think about what tasks you do that could be automated. Then, find the things that are time-consuming and don’t need much human input or strategy.
Those are the perfect jobs for an AI tool.

Note: While most of these AI tools are not free, most offer free trials so you can test whether the tool works for you and your workflow. Let’s get into it: 

Best AI tools for 2023

1. Adscook

If you run Facebook Ads you know what a rabbit hole Ads Manager can be. On top of this, it can be a challenge to figure out which ad copy, imagery and audience targeting bring you the highest ROI. You can waste hours (and hundreds of dollars) working out the best combination of audience, ad images, copy, and devices. This is where Adcook comes in. The AI software tests different combinations to find the most profitable ad and provides you with actionable insights to optimise your campaigns and conversions.

2. ChatGPT

Yep we can’t make one of these lists without our old faithful friend, ChatGPT. Not only is the program easy to use, but it’s free! Use it to create snappy, ‘clickbaity’ short copy or give it a specific brief for a longer, SEO-heavy blog post. As mentioned earlier, we wrote a blog highlighting the impressive capabilities of ChatGPT. We asked it some hard-hitting questions, then to change the writing style, before finally asking it to translate everything into French. It took less than 10 minutes to complete, an impressive feat if you ask us.  Check it out here.

3. WriteSonic

WriteSonic is to ChatGPT what Loki is to Thor. ChatGPT may be larger and more well-known but WriteSonic is the smarter, nimble brother. While ChatGPT is limited to data and inputs up to 2021, WriteSonic uses its natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to access the internet to generate accurate data on current events, including news, trends, and conversations. Responses are more up-to-date, which we all know is vital when working in affiliate marketing.  

4. Scaleo

A multi-faceted affiliate marketing software that uses advanced AI technology. With Scaleo, you can effortlessly monitor, evaluate, and fine-tune your affiliate marketing campaigns in real time. Using Scaleo’s AI allows you to identify the ideal timing for your campaigns to yield conversions, and enhance the quality of your conversions by filtering out fraudulent traffic.

5. SmartWriter

Is email traffic your bread and butter? Then Smartwriter may be your chosen AI tool. The AI-powered software simplifies email communication and streamlines your outreach campaigns. With a focus on crafting cold outreach emails, Smartwriter generates personalised messages faster than you can say “you’ve got mail”. Plus, it doesn’t just stop at the message – it also identifies potential leads for your business, making your outreach efforts more targeted and effective. And for those times when you need to blast out a ton of personalised messages, SmartWriter has a CSV file upload option for easy and efficient bulk emailing.

6. Design AI

If you need to create multiple assets across a range of traffic sources, Design AI is the ultimate tool to streamline your design. This game-changing software harnesses the power of AI and machine learning technology to effortlessly produce a range of designs, including logos, banners, templates, mock-ups, and videos. With Design AI, you can easily transform your blog posts into captivating videos that are tailor-made for social media and web platforms, without breaking a sweat. Plus, the best part is that it’s a breeze to use, ensuring that you can bring your unique vision to life.

7. Delve.AI

Ever wondered who’s behind your clicks, sign-ups and purchases? Well, Delve.AI is an AI-powered platform that helps you discover exactly that. By analysing your Google Analytics data, Delve.AI identifies patterns and trends that can help you identify your target audience and create laser-focused buyer personas. You can even build competitor personas to learn from their strategies.


The future of affiliate marketing includes AI

AI tech is still in its early days, but it’s come a long way already, and it’s only gonna keep getting better. It’s important to note that no AI tool can replace human creativity and intuition in marketing… yet, *insert dramatic sound effect* but, if utilised properly, media buyers can pump out more content, save money, and grow their business way more efficiently than their competition, who are yet to leverage AI tools.


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