3 steps to avoid Chargebacks

3 steps to avoid Chargebacks


As an affiliate marketing network specialised in the Health & Beauty vertical, we often need to advise clients who run offers in this vertical, how to solve the issues with customer retention and chargeback rates. It goes without saying that especially in the Trial niche, these two subjects can make or break a company. High rebills and a minimal amount of chargebacks are the result of a combination of a high quality product and a satisfied customer.


At Advidi, we heavily focus on traffic quality. We aim to get the best traffic from our publishers, but we also give our advertisers the necessary feedback in order to help them to provide the customers with the best product and experience.


Based on our experience so far, we have come to the conclusion that these 3 steps will determine if a Nutraceutical campaign will be successful, for both the publishers and the advertisers:

#1 Continuity factor: The customer is not going to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks


Targeting: Working towards getting a good retention percentage starts with reaching the right demographic. Of course it depends on the product you are pushing. A workout maximizer for bodybuilders isn’t going to work well with women who want to lose weight. Pushing an expensive dietary course to 20-year-old college students wouldn’t be smart, as this demo doesn’t have a lot of money to spend. Knowing the product you are pushing and incorporating that knowledge into your targeting, ads, prelander design and exit pops is going to get you results. You are looking for high retention so you want to reach the people that are most likely going to use the product for a longer amount of time. Don’t forget to emphasize on the continuity factor in your prelander. Customers are not going to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks; they should at least try the product for a longer period of time.

#2 Product quality: $80 for a skin cream with the label pasted on sideways?


Another major factor is the quality of the actual product the customer receives. You can imagine a customer is not going to comfortable spending $80 for a bottle of skin cream, with the label pasted on sideways packaged in a plain cardboard box. You wouldn’t believe it but we have seen this happen. The customer opts out upon receiving the package. The traffic can be top notch but your rebills will be terrible. Therefore we try to push advertisers to develop the best and most luxurious packaging and provide customers with a high quality product.

#3 Customer support: A customer support representative answering the phone for a product that is not his?!


An angry customer is not always a bad case. We are working with many advertisers that are very successful in turning an unsatisfied customer into a happy down sell. Sure, an advertiser wouldn’t make as much money of that customer as he would have liked, but at least that’s one less chargeback to worry about which will save his mid. At the same time a publisher can have an impact on the customer support by providing the correct contact information in his presells and ads. We have seen an increase in pubs split testing different offers but not always updating the information accordingly in their creative. It might not seem very important but imagine an advertiser taking customer support calls for a product, which is not his. Advertisers forecast the need for a certain customer support capacity but in such an instance the line will be flooded with customers who are calling the wrong customer support number leading to more angry customers and chargebacks. Always make sure your pre landers are up to date with the correct info and in case of split testing make sure the info on your prelander matches with the product you are redirecting to.


We support our clients on every step of their campaigns, providing them with complete campaign optimization feedback in order to maximize their success. For more detailed explanation on these and more issues, and the way that could be solved, please contact our affiliate managers or business development managers.


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About the author:

Pieter De Vries is a Senior Business Development Manager/ Team Lead of Health & Beauty at Advidi Affiliate Network, Amsterdam. He loves optimizing online flows and business, something which he has been doing for over 5 years. He currently resides near the beach where he likes to go to get barreled. Email: pieter@advidi.com


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